Choose Your Destination

WR Pro-AM League

The original Pro-Am League started as a Rec Center
League on 2k15. Here you can come and compete against
some of the best teams and players the 2k community
has to offer. Whether you’re a team or an individual
looking to make a name for yourself in the community
this is the place for you.

WR My Park Tournaments

WR My Park Tournaments is an unique experience for
avid park players and crews who are looking to up
the ante. Here we provide the opportunity for players
and crews to not only solidify their positions as the
best amongst the best, but earn cash while repping up
and taking names. So lace em up, hit the blacktop, and
display your street ball talents in WR My Park Tournaments.

WR Elite Stars Pro-AM Association

The latest edition to the WR family, Elite Stars is a
one of kind draft league where owners get to draft
their players just like in the pros. Whether you’re an
owner looking to try his hand at building a championship
team or a player who’s looking to get noticed this is
your chance!